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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> you>> look at the aftermath directly behind me in the distance. a fire took several hours to extinguish. the flames burned out of control. >> we are covering this story from multiple angles. we start with charles clifford. what's the latest?>> reporter: right now i'm standing along 31st ave. and international. the fire burned in a building about a block behind me. a short time ago, the oakland police and the alameda county sheriff hold -- held a press conference. what we know is that nine bodies have been recovered from the building. they have been sent to the coroner's office for identification. the sheriff's office knows there are additional fatalities
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inside the building. they cannot get to them at this point. also dozens of people remain missing. as you can see behind me, that right light are fried lights -- is floodlights. they are going to continue to work with heavy equipment to recover additional remains. it is very slow going, tedious work. let's take a look at the video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven. this fire essentially gutted him the inside of the structure. the roof fell onto the second story and that fell onto the ground level. three stories of rubble and remains of people mixed in with that rubble. it is unstable, dangerous, and difficult to get into. at the press conference, the sheriff's office was asked how many people are still inside and how long will it take to get in and recover them? >> we don't even know how far into the process we are.
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we don't absolutely have a number of people that we know are deceased inside there. that will take quite a bit of time. we have been trying to stay away from a number him. we really truly don't know. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said they will be here for at least 48 hours, probably longer than that. that means the international here and fruitvale between derby and fruitvale will be shut down during that time. i want to end with a small sliver of good news. that is that a dozen or so people who had been thought missing have been found alive with their family and friends. that's the latest in oakland. charles clifford, kron4.>> some good news coming their. before -- there. before the fire, him there had been so many buyers, this city had been looking into it.>> this is not an easy task.
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>> reporter: building instability made it unsafe for firefighters, but they had another problem on the ground level.>> it is a task to get through the front door with the debris and wreckage.>> reporter: that has caused problems for the city of oakland. and allow guy oh says the woman next door to the warehouse has been complaining about it for a long time.>> it's an ongoing issue not only on the sidewalk but on the street. next-door they have this parking lot that when we would complain they loaded it all into the parking lot. >> reporter: this resident said in april he got curious about all the items and urban sculptures left on the sidewalk. a playing -- player piano among them. the man in charge led him through several tiny rooms which were dark and crowded. they needed flashlights during daylight hours.>> if that gentleman had been there, i would've gotten lost in one minute. the hallways are all dark and there is no real coherent
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layout inside there. >> reporter: oakland's planning and building director said the city opened an investigation dealing with unpermitted construction at the building november 13. firefighters found evidence of people living in the building. that's not all that was not allowed.>> we have reports there was a party at the premises last night. such a party would've required a special permit from the city. that had not been issued. >> reporter: officials are trying to figure out whether the type of artwork being done inside the walls was permitted. we are getting the fire. a man said he lived in the warehouse and escaped from the fire while attempting to rescue another man. >> i was going back to get my camera and a computer. another member of the collective had broken his ankle and was calling out for help. he was pretty much my neighbor.
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him i was pulling him out, a larger gentleman, and there were flames, too much smoke. >> he never made it out?>> i haven't seen him. there have been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes. so i hope. i hope he's okay.>> were you treated? >> i have been treated. i had some pretty gnarly burns on my hand and shoulder.>> was that a result of trying to save the other person?>> yes. also this leg. i am glad i had my best on or
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my back would be blistered right now. from trying to pull him out.>> we have not learned the status of the man who we he was attempting to rescue. our team coverage continues tonight with kron4's philippe djegal.>> he talked to people waiting in a sheriff's office which has been transformed into a family assistance center. all the people holding out hope -- hope that their loved ones survived. >> if my brother is in there, i want to find him.>> i am in shock. the gut wrenching pain of the unknown palpable. families desperate for answers. dan says his younger brother alex and his girlfriend were at the dance party friday night. text messages and phone calls to both of their cell phones have gone unanswered. michaelis car still parked at the bart station in san
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bruno.>> give me some gloves. i'm ready. let me find my brother. that's all i want. david and her mother, kim, broken up, fearing the worst. comforted knowing their daughter was with alex. the two have been together for five years and work at the same mortuary in daly city. michaela also a child and adolescent development major at san francisco state.>> she loves raves. her and alex have been going to raves for a long time.>> reporter: several people passed out of the sheriff's office which serves as a family assistance center where loved ones of potential victims wait for answers and receive counseling if needed. alex vega's cousin, johnny, just drove up from los angeles to learn alex is mia. >> i am hoping for the best, hoping to hear the good news, not the bad. it is what it is.>> reporter: what it is is a tragedy.
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the bay area's nightmare. a historically deadly fire. answers are slow, not swift. the silence is deafening.>> i am not doing anything here. i don't understand. >> reporter: philippe djegal, kron4 news. this is where you can find information about people unaccounted for. people are wanting to see that left. the family assistant sen. is an alum many -- alameda county sheriff's office on 12th st. you çcan also contact the corners bureau. the phone number 510-382-3000. electronic silk was playing at the warehouse last night. they have listed the names of missing people on that facebook
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page. families and friends of people who are still missing are gathering in oakland.>> we are joined live from the family assistance center. >> reporter: family and friends have been coming through the store's throughout the day trying to see if they can find any sort of answers. they explained that the assistant center has been -- assistance center has been crucial. they say they were able to make sure him and find out a couple of dozen people were found alive in the area. there are still those here that continue to wait on an answer. the red cross and the salvation army our own location here to ç provide people to provide comfort and resources for those devastated by the ordeal. they will be allowed to talk to mental health professionals to guide them through the whole
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process. in the meantime, they are also being given meals to keep them going throughout the day and make sure that they are okay and satisfied in this time of need. we did speak to one family of alex vega at the party him him last night who say they are hoping for the best.>> i was supposed to see my cousin the night. we are planning on hanging out tonight and we are starting off the day and i guess they were telling us that my cousin is a home tonight. >> i salt was going on and i wanted to step in the action and do my part and help. >> reporter: at least 25 people are still missing. that is the last number that has been confirmed. as i mentioned, oakland pd were able to let people know i'd couple of dozen people were
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found. a silver lining here. mayor libby schaaf was at the center as well earlier and i spoke with someone here using the services to let me know that the city will be accommodating him. a few people have had the fly out from other cities for a night in a local hotel. ella sogomonian, kron4. there have been pass complaints that have come in concerning this property that caught fire. these are pictures that were taken last month on november 13. we were able to upload all the pictures and learn of the complaints on oakland's website. you can see the area outside of the warehouse that is part of the property. you can see all these items sitting there. the complaint that came in last month about this property says there is a ton of garbage piling on the property, also a lot of the items are left on the sidewalk near the property. some of the trash was hazardous. the complaint went on to say that what was seen outside
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looked very bad and creates a health issue. the complaint says the yard was for storage. that it was turned into a trash recycle site, saying the main building was remodeled for residential. many nearby believe that people were living this building. we try to reach out to the building owner to get his take on all this. we were unable to reese -- release him. >> jerry brown released a statement saying, and an eye -- ann and i extend our condolences to the family and friends of those loss. my show -- bishop michael barber also offering his condolences saying, our prayers and thoughts are with all those who died him him or are suffering from the tragic fire of last evening in the fruitvale neighborhood. we pray for the medical
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personnel and others who are aiding the victims and their loved ones. still to come kron4, we have continuing coverage of the deadly warehouse fire. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. breaking news, we're learning more about a fire that has killed nine people and left dozens more unaccounted for. it happened inside a warehouse in oakland overnight. >> crews have been unable to identify those who have been
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killed because the amount of debris inside the structure is ç overwhelming and dangerous for firefighters. carmel our gallery joins us now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a little silver lining. several dozen people have been located. him that separate from the 2000 or so still missing. people showing up in shock and fear of what is happened to their loved ones. people are on edged while waiting to find out if their loved ones were inside the warehouse before it was engulfed by fire. others appeared to know the worst that happened. staring what's -- at what's left of the warehouse in tears.>> i am praying that a friend of mine son was and then there.
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i tried to call my friend and i got no answer. it's going straight to voicemail. i tried to call his kids, going straight to voicemail. i decided to come down here, praying he was not here.>> reporter: nine bodies have been recovered but about two dozen may still be buried inside the rubble. the sgt. says some of the bodies are likely burned beyond recognition. people who live in the area are stunned.>> i just don't even know what to say. we have grandkids and we are always telling them to be careful. be aware where you are. >> constantly. >> that's what everybody has to do. >> reporter: those who knew of the warehouse also knew about it's less than safe conditions. >> i have been in their over 70 years. i've been around all the streets. what i saw of the building, it didn't link that good -- look that good anyway.
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>> reporter: i talked to a couple of people who said they have close ties to the owner. they don't want to talk on camera. they said that they and multiple people had talked to the owner about some of the concerns in the building. they described him as a stubborn person, using the word egomaniac. coming up later, i talk to someone who tells me people around the world are talking about the story. live in oakland, her mel our galley.>> here is where you can find info on the people that are missing. there's a family assistance center at the alameda karen -- alameda county sheriff center. you can also contact the coroner's bureau, 510-382-3000. golden donna 100% silk is the electronic music performer playing at the warehouse last
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night. that bands website has listed the names of the people missing on facebook. our news team has been on the scene since the flames started last night. we are hearing now from a witness who knew the guy who ran the building and also lived there with his family.>> it is an art studio. it's terrible. it's set up by derrick i and his wife. they have three wonderful children and they live on the second floor. i am crazy to see what happened. another good friend of mine, darrell. these are the people that they would of been talking to already, and that scary. -- that's scary. >> they are talking about derrick i, the man that would of been running the building. w3 on facebook, he said he and his
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family were safe. he said his wife and kids were staying at a hotel last night. we will have more on that part of the story coming up later in the show. we are joined by lawrence carnot. any good news in your neck of the woods? >> sunny skies all the way to the coastline. it's getting cold tonight. high-pressure sits overhead. the wind started to switch gears. we will see that more so into tomorrow. the last couple of days, we have had an offshore wind. things trending more to onshore breezes. a beautiful look out over the bay. you see the moon on the horizon. him you see the golden gate bridge, another cold night in store for much of the bay area, probably not quite as cold especially on the coast i -- coastline. tomorrow, becoming partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon. the cooling will begin. it will get a whole lot colder as we had in towards next week. the temperatures probably
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running well below the average. there mayor be -- there may be rain heading into the week too. it's going to be cool in spots. numbers dropping down to the 40s, probably hitting the 30s toward 11 clock in some inland spots. out the door, we have 49 in mountain view, 46 in livermore, 45 in petaluma. 49 in santa rosa. that ridge of high pressure brought us a nice day. it looks like that ridge will start to break down tomorrow. a chilly night tonight. as the rich breaks down, a lot of clouds rolling over the top of it. that's where we are expecting to see for the top of it. we will see a few more clouds. a few more clouds in the high country. look what happened to temperatures in the last few days. and arctic air mass will settle in. temperatures at freezing as we head into tuesday. maybe snow later in the week.
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around the states, 50s and 60s. the northern half of california. in southern california, 69. 70 degrees in san diego. computer models picking up on a nice day. things change tomorrow. clouds beginning to creep into our skies as we head into the day. the rain stays to the more -- north but we will feel cooler air to come. overnight, chilly in spots. 38, livermore, 36 in santa rosa. 38 degrees in san francisco. i day, the numbers in the 50s and 60s. cooler than today. over the next few days, we will watch these temperatures drop like a rock heading towards tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures only going to be on the high side in the low to mid 50s at best. the chance of rain has moved up a bit thursday, maybe more showers on friday and into the weekend. next, more on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. maureen kelly digs deeper on
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what it was like inside the warehouse before the flames. keep it here for the breaking news coverage after a short break.
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we're learning more about the artists collective inside that warehouse before the deadly fire. >> kron4's maureen kelly talked with someone who works a few doors down and describes what it was like inside the warehouse.>> it went up like a matchstick.>> reporter: troy alki area came out to find out about his friend to live in the warehouse gutted in the fire. he says the main tenet is an artist named derrick i who lives there with his wife and children. >> i'm going crazy. >> reporter: i and -- i and his family are apparently okay.
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his wife and children were at a hotel. here are pictures from their tumblr page. this is what it looked like before the fire. you can see it's jammed with our and artifacts, manikin parts a musical instruments. everything -- >> everything is would, it's a fire hazard, i am sure. we never thought it would be like this. >> reporter: roughly 30 artist lived in their who all created their own makeshift living spaces. >> it might be a tent trailer, another half of an rv. people build their own. it's very it be. for the most part they live there. these are starving artist. him>> reporter: others didn't want to talk on camera. one woman told me off-camera it was a record release party for
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a label called 100% silk. all tier he has been to similar parties.>> that is really what happens. they have to cover funds. they have these fundraisers. they have always been under control. i have been to a couple of the functions and they have got somebody at the door. they don't over packet. it's horrible.>> reporter: derrick i wrote about the situation. it is like i have woken from a dream to be standing now in poverty. maureen kelly, kron4. a area sports teams sending support to the victims of the fire. him the warriors held a moment of silent before tonight's game against the phoenix sunset oracle arena. they also are donating proceeds from tonight's warriors community foundation raffle to support family services for the
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fire. the team is also donating $50,000 to the unity city council of oakland. raiders and a's are joining forces through you so far more than $28,000 has been raised. both teams announcing they will match those donations for assistance and relief for the victims of this tragic fire. the raiders will also observed a moment of five -- a moment of silence for tomorrow's game against the bills. keep it here. we have wall-to-wall coverage of this warehouse fire including information on how you can see who is missing and the debris issue outside the warehouse and how that may have factored into this horrific tragedy. we will be right back.
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. we started this half-hour with continuing coverage of that deadly warehouse fire in
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oakland.>> you're looking at the aftermath from the fire that has killed at least nine people and left 25 missing. you see all that debris, no roof to be seen this evening. charles clifford has been covering this story for much of the day. he joins us live in oakland. charles?>> reporter: right now i am sitting at 31st and international boulevard in oakland. a short time ago, the malamute a -- the alameda county sheriff's office updated us. nine bodies have been recovered from the remains, the rubble of this building. very -- they know there are additional victims inside. they can see the victims but cannot get to them because of the rubble. we know several dozen people remain missing. one small bit of good news is that they did say a dozen or so folks on the missing list have been found alive and reunited with their family and friends. by me, they are going to
8:31 pm
continue -- behind me, they are going to continue into the evening. there is heavy equipment the sift through the rubble. it will be a tough and dangerous job. let's look at some helicopter video. the reason it will take a long time is that there is basically three stories of rubble that have collapsed inside the shell of this burned-out building. the remains that they can see but not get to our mixed in with the rubble. him libby schaaf was here today on sea and struck a note of caution for folks maybe anxious to get answers here. how did this fire start and what remains or who is still inside. she says a good take time to get the answers.>> this is a devastating sea. this is complicated -- scene. this is complicated. it will take time to do up professional investigation that the families deserve to find out what in fact happened as well as to focus humanely and compassionately on addressing
8:32 pm
the victims. and working to identify them and get that information first to their families. >> reporter: as far as getting information goes, the oakland police and the sheriffs office said that for folks who are trying to call them on the phone to get answers or information who can't get through, it's because there is intense interest from a lot of folks calling for answers and they can't get through. officers are getting question by media sources all over the world. charles clifford, kron4 news. we are getting a better look at what that artists collective look like before the tragic fire ripped through. it is referred to as the ghost ship. these are pictures from the website. we've been hearing a lot about the debris that filled the warehouse, making it difficult
8:33 pm
for people to get out once the fire started. the pictures show us what firefighters are talking about. the majority of the art is made of wood and textiles, giving this fire plenty of fuel to spread quickly. there was a makeshift staircase made of wooden pallets. the same issue there. only one person could go up or down at a time. fire officials have said even now that the fire is out, all that debris and art made it difficult to gain access to the bodies of victims him who died in the fire. we have had crews on the scene since the fire started last night.>> it's crazy. i was here watching the whole fire. >> i was here at 11:30. the whole thing went up in flames. i hope everybody is all right.
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i know a couple. i don't know the guys names and the body shop, but they are at latino youngsters. i hope they are all right. >> we have mentioned how the items inside the warehouse, the art, the debris, normal stuff you would have in a place where artists live, it has been a major obstacle, firefighters trying to access the victims inside.>> spencer blake joins us live with more him on the challenges firefighters face him as they work to get the fire under control.>> reporter: the city counselor who represents the district here says he absolutely thinks that the debris and the blight on the sidewalk, he thinks that absolutely would've blocked people's way out of the building.
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because city -- the city has gotten complaints before. the next-door neighbor has made calls complaining about things. i spoke with a man today who says he is been in their, several months ago. he got a tour of the place from the man who runs it. it was so dark they needed flashlights him him in the middle of the day. him him him this is how jampacked it was. we heard later from the city saying there was an investigation opened into this warehouse because of complaints about blight. they confirmed they had brings on the sidewalk -- things on the sidewalk that should not have been there. there was evidence of unpermitted construction. the building had not received any permits to have a party like the one last night or had
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to have people living in it. people were living inside. several safe your permit related violations here tonight. >> thank you for that perspective on the story. as crews try to locate victims inside the warehouse, you have family and friends who are doing searches of their own, hoping, praying for good news.>> a family assist him him him assistant center opened. that is where we find ella sogomonian. >> reporter: i'm here on 12th st. the public information officer is here to my left. he is going to be letting people know inside the center the identities of the nine victims of that fire that have been pronounced to be deceased.
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they were taken to a hospital and have been identified. they are slowly but surely letting those family members know the identities. they say they're still about 50 people inside that have been coming and going throughout the day looking for whatever answers they can get. oakland pd mentioned that the center him him him has been crucial in getting this information to the public, still waiting for answers. they confirmed several dozen survivors that were found alive in the area. that was good news for others. there are so many families that had the fly out from different cities and states to try to get whatever latest information they could. the city of oakland is going to be accommodating those people for at least one night in a free hotel. the pi oh just let us know they will be accommodating them as long as they need be, there are a lot of donations pouring through, like the oakland a's that will try to accommodate these people that need a hotel.
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there was an uncle, for example, from los angeles him him who said that a 21-year-old woman who was missing would have to fly out from korea, she has parents who just found out about it all the way across the world and needs to come out to see what they can do and what they can find once they get here. the red cross and the foul -- salvation army is providing people with meals and mental health counselors to get people through him this tough time and give them some sort of comfort in this time of need. we talked to another family member out here looking for man by the name of alex vega and his girlfriend. we will hear from that person.>> i came to visit with my family who are hoping for the best. him him it is what it is. him him>> reporter: there are family members here bracing
8:39 pm
themselves to hear the worst- case scenario. there were people relieved to hear that their loved one is alive and well. like i said, about 50 people still inside waiting for an answer him. live in oakland, ella sogomonian, kron4 news.>> people late today have been identified. you can find out more at the sheriff's office in oakland or contact the shared -- sheriffs coroner's bureau, 510-382-3000. golden donna 100% silk was the performer playing at the warehouse last night.
8:40 pm
they listed the names of people missing on facebook. we will have more details on this devastating fire next, specifically the timeline of when it started and when firefighters put it out. we had temperatures above the average. the next few days, maybe the coldest temperatures of the season. we will talk about that coming up.
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our focus for days to come will be the oakland fire. there is a weather component to it. nice weather to make progress finding people. >> i the end of the week that will change. right now, it's dry and cold. it's going to be a chilly night ahead. nice and clear over san francisco. the high-pressure sitting overhead. it's going to change in the next couple of days. 48 in concord, 46 in livermore,
8:43 pm
53 and san jose, 49 in santa rosa. him him high-pressure bringing beautiful temperatures today. another chilly night as we have clear skies outside. not a whole lot of wind so the temperature will drop. numbers expected early tomorrow morning about 38 degrees in napa, 36 in santa rosa, 46 in hayward, 41 in san jose. a chilly start to the day, should still be a nice him him him him -- day. the coolest temperatures overnight and into wednesday. we could be talking about a hard freeze, overnight lows into the 20s and low 30s. back to you. after the break we will show you what people all over the world are saying about this oakland fire as our breaking news coverage
8:44 pm
continues. him him
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breaking news tonight, the end speakable anguish, the deadly warehouse fire making headlines around the world tonight.>> carmela our goal he has support from all over the world. >> we heard several references of this feeling like sort of a terror attack because of the scale and that happened while -- while people were enjoying themselves which is maybe why people said they could relate. him one person said he had friends in italy that said it made the front page and a leading newspaper.>> really shocking. i was looking at world news, for example in italy, the
8:47 pm
leading north -- new source, had the front story. shocking to see so many people lost their lives him in the neighborhood where i live. >> reporter: ray kelly says the fire happened very quickly. you the you got out or you didn't. it's ironic that the fire department is actually really close to the venue but yet they weren't able to save more people. we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest. her mela oregon we, kron4. locals are not the only ones affected. we are hearing from witnesses who say their vacation to the bay area has taken a tragic turn.>> i came to visit from la with my family. we are planning on hanging out.
8:48 pm
we're just starting off the day. him i guess we're finding out my cousin didn't come home tonight. it is what it is. he did what he liked to do. >> here's a closer look at exactly where that fire broke out. it happened near the corner of him -- 31st and international. campaigns to raise money for the victims of the fire have been formed online. grant has more on that.>> there has been a big push around the world to get the internet involved in several crowdfunding websites to raise money for so many victims. you're looking at one of the most notable sites, a crowdsourcing site called you caring. the pages more than halfway towards its $100,000 goal. a separate site is being
8:49 pm
created by the oakland a's and raiders. they have announced they will match all donations up to $50,000. you can see they have nearly met that goal this evening. $30,000 is what the a's i believe right now are matching. this fire happened overnight. many of you are likely sleeping when the news broke. here is a timeline of what went down and when it happened. one of the most tragic accidents to occur in oakland happen friday night at 11:30. that is when the fire started at this building in the fruitvale district. the party was on the second floor him him according to the event page, the party started at 9 pm. 2 1/2 hours before those first lanes reported. as fire crews race to the scene, this is what they could see. him flames shooting into the air, smoke willing into the
8:50 pm
sky. it took crews five hours to put the flames out. at one point, the roof collapsed. another time, the flames were so strong that crews had to back off and going to what was called defensive mode as water was being sprayed onto the flames, oakland fire cruise confirmed that people had died in the fire. some people who escaped had clothing that had melted that were inside trying to get out. >> the way the flames were, i can't see anything.>> nine people were confirmed dead. crews sprayed water on the site throughout much of the day. by 4:15, four of the at least nine bodies had been removed. a cleanup process could take days, weeks, or months. barbara lee also released a statement. she says, today the entire east bay community is in
8:51 pm
morning as we come to understand the scale of the devastation caused by this fire. i extend my decent's -- deepest condolences and prayers to the victims of this tragedy and their families. one of the worst parts of the story is the fact that up to two dozen people may still be in there. they don't know where they are. after the break, we will have some info to let you know how you can see the names him him him of the people missing as we look at video from when the fire was going. crews trying to get into that warehouse. a horrific tragedy tonight in oakland. we are back after this.
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we're talking reverse mortgages with beth miller row. what is reverse mortgage? >> it is an fha insured loan that allows people 62 and over to access the equity in their home without having to make winds up out and interest payment. >> what is important to know? him >> the important thing is that we will sit down at your kitchen table and talk about your goals.>> everybody's situation is unique that they can actually contact you in person and you will come to their place?>> absolutely. that's what so personal. your situation is unique.
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some great information. to learn more, go to their website, your, or call 925-969-0380. as we continue to cover this fire, i hear him him is where he can find information on those unaccounted for.>> there is a family assistance center at e. 12th st. e. 12th
8:55 pm
st. they will let you know who is missing. you can also contact the sheriffs corners bureau, 510- 382-3000. also golden down 100% silk is the name of the music performer at the warehouse last night. they had been promoting the show on social media. the facebook page him has also listed the names of the people that are still missing. >> that's the unfortunate part. the fortunate part is some people have been accounted for over the afternoon. >> a bit of good news. at one point, during one of the press briefings, they said you either got out or you didn't get out. that told me there was a certain level of certainty that they had but again, some people have been accounted for that were missing. >> for all the families waiting, it must be so hard.
8:56 pm
as these crews go in, they have weather able to see what happens and to recover is so important. >> it's going to be dry the next few days, they will be able to get in. that's the good news. him clear skies, cold in spots overnight. again, maybe some patchy frost showing up in the valley's. today's temperatures, very impressive, above normal for this type of year -- time of year. 64 inland more, 62 in oakland, 63 in san francisco. out the door, it is cooling off in a hurry. 43 degrees in livermore. for a seven in concord, 42 in the çnapa valley. we have changes coming our way. i think you'll like tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around most the bay area. should be a nice day as we are going to see clouds moving in late in the day. then heading colder than normal, arctic blast coming our way, tuesday and wednesday.>>
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thank you, lawrence, thank you for joining us. we're back here at 10 a clock this evening covering the breaking news him him. have a great evening. - s fanfare]
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♪ oh, my, mariah. the diva gets caught making out with her backup dancer. the must-see over-the-top photos. wait. did he just drop her? >> then katy and orlando's date night after the engagement rumors. >> we saw each other a lot. >> it's "e.t.'s" new interview talking about the relationship for the first time. but where was her huge diamond ring? >> plus new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have some police backup. then bradley cooper's girlfriend pregnant on the victoria's secret runway as "e.t." takes you backstage for all the model drama. >> i'm freaking out. our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars, and all the angels. >> here we go. then tears for florence